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Comprehensive Modules for Every Need


Allows users to personalize their dashboard layout and prioritize the information most relevant to them.


Summarizes earnings for the current trip and historical earnings over a specified period.


Shows the planned route for the current trip, including waypoints and estimated arrival times.

Fuel & Expense

Tracks fuel consumption and efficiency, providing insights for better fuel management.


Our robust dispatch feature empowers you to manage your fleet with precision and ease.

Damage & Incident

A comprehensive reporting feature to empower drivers and fleet managers to swiftly address any issues that arise on the road.

Manifest/Daily Log

Keep your finances in check with easy categorization of expenses. Snap a photo of receipts to use them for reports.


Our intuitive invoice management feature streamlines the billing process, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service.

About Us

Meticulous is the ultimate optimization suite for drivers, designed to streamline your operations, increase your revenue, and simplify your day-to-day tasks on the road. With advanced features wrapped in a user-friendly interface, Meticulous is more than just an app; it's your road companion that grows with your journey.

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Choose a Plan That Fits Your Needs



  • Dashboard
  • Revenue
  • Direction
  • Fuel & Expense
  • Dispatch
  • Damage & Incident
  • Manifest/Daily Log
  • Invoice
  • Connect (Limited access still available as per transactions)

$15 monthly

  • Dashboard
  • Revenue
  • Direction
  • Fuel & Expense
  • Dispatch
  • Damage & incident
  • Manifest / Daily Log
  • Invoice
  • Connect (Limited access still available as per transactions)

$18 monthly

  • Dashboard
  • Revenue
  • Direction
  • Fuel & Expense
  • Dispatch
  • Damage & Incident
  • Manifest / Daily log
  • Invoice
  • Connect (Unlimited access)


Designed to enhance communication and collaboration among drivers. Dispatchers, and other stakeholders in the transportation industry.

Instant Messaging

This allows users to send and receive messages in real time, enabling drivers to quickly communicate with dispatchers or other team members.

Shared Routes and Locations

Drivers can share their routes and current locations with peers or managers. This is particularly useful for coordinating convoys or for providing real-time updates on delivery statuses.

Bulletin Boards

A space for posting announcements, updates, and important notices. This can include everything from road condition alerts to new company policies.

Document Sharing

Essential for sharing digital documents such as freight documents, delivery confirmations, or regulatory paperwork. This feature supports various file formats, allowing for quick transfers.

Voice and Video Calls

Facilitate direct voice or video communication within the app, useful for urgent discussions or when text-based communication isn't sufficient.

Scheduling and Notifications

Allows dispatchers and managers to send schedule updates or shift changes directly to drivers. Drivers receive notifications on their device, ensuring they always have the latest information.

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